What Is A Decal or Sticker?

Decals and Stickers are basically the same thing. There are different grades of materials you can use to make decals. They are graded by how long they will adhere to whatever they are applied to. We use 3 mil vinyls that last for 5-6 years.

There are two kinds of decals or stickers:
1- One color cut out decals that are cut out of a solid color vinyl roll with a plotter and have no background.

Examples of a one color cut out decal or sticker with no background.
These decals have no background to them at all. They are provided to you as a three part application. There is the paper backing, the decal and then application tape. The application tape adheres to all the pieces of your decal no matter how small they are so you can apply it to any smooth surface as one piece.
The decals below are shown in red, blue black and purple. We offer 37 colors of vinyl to choose from!

2 - Printed Decals are decals that are made with a large format printer and several ink colors are used to create the image or design.

Examples of a color printed decal with a countour cut around logo on white vinyl.
We use eco friendly solvent inks that are non toxic. The inks are applied using a heating technology which allows the inks to adhere to the vinyl and last for years. Printed decals can have as many colors in them as you like. The image can be cut out in any variety of sizes and shapes to meet any personal or business needs. The decals shown below are multiple color printed decals with a countour cut, square cut and round cut.