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Finding Valuable Leads Without Using Email

Posted on October 28th, 2014

finding-valuable-leads-without-emailEmail has been a major boon to business. Companies can use email to market, to sell, to communicate, and more. Especially when a company is selling products and services to other companies, and thus lacks a brick-and-mortar store that sells wares, it wouldn’t be surprising if every employee in a company went a whole day, or even a whole week, without communicating with clients on the phone or in person. While email has certainly made business easier, it is a dangerous tool when it is overused.




Cool Fundraising Ideas for Your Kid’s Sports Team

Posted on October 21st, 2014

cool-fundraising-ideasSometimes kids need encouragement to participate in sports, and sometimes sports are the only thing a kid ever wants to do. No matter which category your kid falls into, they’re part of a team, and you need to support them every way you can. The trouble is that sports can be expensive. Uniforms, practice gear, and field rentals don’t come cheap, but if you want to keep your child’s sports team up and running (literally) you need to raise some funds. Here are the simplest ways to bring in some cash for your tyke’s team. more….



The Wild World of Parking Permits

Posted on October 14th, 2014

wild-world-of-parking-permitsYou run an apartment complex with a parking lot or garage near a big university. Or, your company rents space in a building in a busy area of the city. No matter what you are or where you’re located, your parking spaces get filled by drivers with no business in your lot, and its impacting the people who really need those spaces. While you can put up as many “Restricted Parking” and “Tow-Away Zone” signs as you’d like, unless you have a registry of all allowed vehicles and a security team committed to checking license plates day in and day out, you aren’t going to make any real headway in keeping out the riffraff. more….



The Top 5 Tips for Creating Terrific Visual Brands

Posted on October 7th, 2014

creating-visual-brandsMarketing isn’t that different between business-to business companies and business-to-customer companies. Both types are trying to sell products or services; both types are trying to gain attention and spread awareness; and both types benefit from having fantastic visuals in their marketing campaigns. Visual branding is the practice of uniting everything your company stands for with a recognizable logo and visual theme. If you’re just starting out at developing your company logo, or if your old logo is tired and needs some updating, here are our top tips for breathing life into your visual brand.





Content Marketing and Car Stickers: A Success Story

Posted on October 1st, 2014

content-marketingContent marketing, otherwise known as native advertising and a variety of other names, is the hottest new thing in advertising strategy. Basically, it requires companies to forgo traditional forms of advertising (though not completely), like print ads or commercials, in favor of producing more valuable content that potential consumers enjoy and can actually benefit from.

The more famous examples of successful content marketing strategies include popular restaurant chain more….