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Fourth Of July Decorating Ideas

Posted on June 28th, 2016

4th-of-July-Mason-Jar-CandlesThe Fourth of July is the type of holiday spent outside with your closest family and friends at parades, pool parties, and the classic barbecue. Red, white, blue, stars and stripes all come to mind when thinking about this summer celebration. Are you having trouble coming up with ideas of how to decorate your backyard for the annual bbq? Stickers are a quick and fun approach to making sure your decorations are unique yet true to the traditional look of the holiday. For example, custom vinyl lettering works perfectly for labeling your already festive mason jars or any fun snack containers. On there are many helpful tools, like the custom vinyl lettering shown in the example, to ensure your decorations are both unique and creative, just like these jars. Not only is this example fun and appropriate for the fourth, but it’s equally as cute and decorative. These can act as decorations for out on the porch, an activity for the kids, or a unique centerpiece that no one else will have at their party. more….