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How to Celebrate Your Club, Team or Organization Spirit

Posted on August 21st, 2014

celebrating-club-teamBetween school work, part-time jobs and responsibilities at home, too many high schoolers let their passions and talents get pushed aside. But there’s a lot of merit to exploring your interests while in high school. Some interests might prepare you for a future career, and your time in a student club, team or organization might prove a resume-booster or a great addition to your college application. This year, as you head back to school, join a team, club or organization and decorate your car with stickers to celebrate your group spirit.




3 Reasons to Customize Car Stickers for Your Charity

Posted on April 23rd, 2014

team-stuIf you’ve been put in charge of promotion for a charitable organization or event, consider using car stickers for your charity. People are so used to online, TV, newspaper and radio ads that they subconsciously tune them out. You need something that engages the local community and gets in front of people’s eyes no matter where they go without being intrusive. Car stickers are both a great way for volunteers and organization employees to show off their charity pride and to spread word. more….