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Showing Off Your Love for Transport of All Sorts

Posted on November 6th, 2014

my-other-car-is Most people get it: You need a caravan to fit your kids, or it’s your first car and you could only afford your uncle’s beat-up old vehicle. But deep down, you wish you really drove something else — and maybe that “something else” isn’t even an automobile at all. Whether you dream of owning a better car one day or your occupation or hobby means you spend a lot of time on another vehicle — a plane, a tractor, or a motorcycle, for example — make people laugh by getting the “my other car is a…” joke on your vehicle in a few clever, affordable ways.




How to Show Off Your Political Party Pride With Humor

Posted on November 1st, 2014

political-party-stickersIn “polite society,” politics is one of the most taboo topics of conversation. However, simply brushing the issue under the rug does nothing to enact change in our country or win people over to the causes you believe in most. If politics are your passion and you can stand the heat of the debate, you can have a lot of fun showing off your political pride via humor. Remember that people who disagree with you aren’t your enemies — just people with different ideas who still love their nation.




Cool Fundraising Ideas for Your Kid’s Sports Team

Posted on October 21st, 2014

cool-fundraising-ideasSometimes kids need encouragement to participate in sports, and sometimes sports are the only thing a kid ever wants to do. No matter which category your kid falls into, they’re part of a team, and you need to support them every way you can. The trouble is that sports can be expensive. Uniforms, practice gear, and field rentals don’t come cheap, but if you want to keep your child’s sports team up and running (literally) you need to raise some funds. Here are the simplest ways to bring in some cash for your tyke’s team. more….



Content Marketing and Car Stickers: A Success Story

Posted on October 1st, 2014

content-marketingContent marketing, otherwise known as native advertising and a variety of other names, is the hottest new thing in advertising strategy. Basically, it requires companies to forgo traditional forms of advertising (though not completely), like print ads or commercials, in favor of producing more valuable content that potential consumers enjoy and can actually benefit from.

The more famous examples of successful content marketing strategies include popular restaurant chain more….



Famous Cars and Their Decals

Posted on September 28th, 2014

Some televisiomystery-machinen shows and movies only last in the public legacy because of their unforgettable cars and those cars’ unforgettable decorations. Car decals give cars personality and meaning beyond just their make and model; thus, filmmakers love putting some pizazz on their cars with fancy stripes or interesting stickers.

From futuristic models to classic cars, here’s a list of the most famous and famously decorated cars in movie and television history. If any of these are particularly important to you, you can pay them tribute with some custom car stickers without breaking the more….