Connect With the Astrology Community Through Symbols

Posted on June 20th, 2014

love-amongst-the-starsWhether you truly believe in the power of destiny divined in the stars or you think of astrology as a fun way to meet new people, you can show off your astrology pride and use it to forge new connections. Rather than simply filling out your sign on a dating profile, though, you can “wear it on your sleeve,” so to speak, and use it as a conversation starter with potential new friends and dates you meet around town. Learn how to unobtrusively show off your sign and your fun personality by sticking your astrological sign where people are most likely to see it.


Show Off a Tattoo

A tattoo requires way more commitment than some other ways of showing off your love for the stars, but the most passionate astrology fans will find beautiful designs they’re proud to have on their bodies for the rest of their lives. Incorporate an animal, item or person associated with your sign into the design in your favorite color or in an array of colors associated with the night sky, like black, white, violet and dark blue. Add words representing characteristics associated with your sign like “courage” or “kindness” for a more detailed design. Put the tattoo in a conspicuous place, and you’re sure to encourage new people to ask about why you chose the design.


Wear Custom Clothing and Accessories

If tattoos are too drastic for you, you can still wear your sign on custom clothing or jewelry featuring designs as beautiful and unique as you might get with a tattoo if you were up for that. If you don’t want to dish out extra for custom designs, there are plenty of t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, scarves, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more for you to choose from because there are a number of people who are fascinated by astrological signs. Show off your eclectic sense of style and dress with a spangled theme whenever you go out to meet new people.


Astrology Decals

astrology-stickerMaybe you’re heading to the grocery store in sweats and you left your astrological sign clothes at home. You’re not always in “meet people” mode, but you never know when you’re going to meet someone who’ll become an important part of your life. Stick an astrology decal on your car, motorcycle, scooter or other vehicle, and you’ll always flaunt your love for astrology and give people a chance to get to know your passion at a glance.


Love may be written for you in the stars, but you’re never going to find the people who are most compatible with you unless you get out there with your stars on your sleeve. Even if you look at astrological signs as more of a conversation-starter than something to live your life by, think about how much more likely you are to get along with dates and friends who agree with you and find it fun talking about the signs in the stars.


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