Now Offering Free Shipping!

Posted on April 3rd, 2017

Free shipping in the United States is now offered on! Free shipping has become a controversial topic amongst online business and internet shoppers. Because of this, we’re sure many of you have experienced a frustration with either websites that don’t have free shipping, or websites that have a minimum purchase. Well, when shopping at these are no longer obstacles you need to overcome when proceeding to checkout!

This feature has created more convenience for all shoppers who visit the website but especially those looking to purchase just one or two stickers. Depending on size, type, and design, a sticker can vary in price. With that being said, one single decal can be moderately inexpensive and shipping could equal about half of the original price. Who wants to pay half of what their sticker price is in shipping? The answer is most likely no one, and means free shipping is the obvious choice.


More and more online businesses are offering free shipping as well as no minimum. However, they may be increasing their product prices in order to compensate. has done no such thing. While deciding to offer free shipping within the United States, their prices have remained the same and there has been no store minimum created. It may sound too good to be true but you’ll just have to visit the website to see it for yourself!


Visit today for a unique and high quality variety of products. Whatever you’re searching for, whether decals, license plate frames, wall decals or banners, they’ll have it and better than anyone else!


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