Sticker Materials Series – Inside Application

Posted on April 23rd, 2015 offers stickers made from a variety of materials, each with different optimal uses. We make stickers for inside or outside application, white and clear stickers, and reflective and glitter stickers. We make stickers that are super adhesive that will cling to just about anything and ones that can be repositioned. We even make stickers with one-way visibility for your storefront. It’s worth noting that our stickers aren’t just for vehicles—you can use them in your stores, on store windows, for outdoor advertising, and more.


For the next few blogs, we’ll be focusing on some of the different materials our stickers are made with. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the various sticker types, and we’ll suggest some of the best uses for each.

Inside Application Stickers

Inside application stickers are designed to be placed on the inside of a window for outside viewing. They are tamper proof and are safe from the weather and other outdoor conditions. The essential thing to remember about inside application stickers is that they should only be used on windows that are clear and have no tint—otherwise your sticker will be hard to see.


Front-Facing Adhesive

One inside application option is the Front-Facing Adhesive sticker. This sticker style is perfect for parking passes and storefront window signs. They are reverse printed on clear vinyl, then covered with a back layer of white vinyl. This technique makes the sticker’s colors stand out and also prevents the ink from staining your windows.


Clear Vinyl

Another option is a Clear Vinyl sticker. These can be created for inside or outside application but when your plan is to place a clear vinyl sticker inside for outside viewing, we suggest reverse-printing your design.

It should be noted that Clear Vinyl is not our favorite material. When placed inside a car window, clear stickers are quite hard to see from the outside (even when windows are not tinted). We’ll discuss some of the other disadvantages of this material in our next post.

Front-Facing and Clear Vinyl stickers may leave a bit of adhesive residue behind when removed and both can be expected to last from 1 to 5 years.


Static Clings

Static clings are made from a thin plastic film that “clings” to smooth surfaces with static electricity. They can be easily removed and don’t leave residue behind. Since they aren’t weather resistant, we recommend only using them indoors. We will discuss Static Clings in greater detail in our third blog post in this series, “Repositionable Stickers.”


Don’t forget to check back next week, when we talk about all of the outside application stickers we have to offer.


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