How a Bug Can Show Off Your Personality!

Posted on July 2nd, 2014

butterfly-on-treeWhether you head for the hills at the sight of a creepy crawly or you grew up surrounded by little glass jars with holes poked in the lids, love them or hate them, insects are everywhere. And just like the fable about the grasshopper and the ant, there are all sorts with all different kinds of personalities. See if one of these common types describes you, and flaunt your personality in a unique way with a car sticker of that insect on your car or bike.



butterfly-stickersEven the most adamant of bug haters tends to make an exception for the butterfly. Beautiful yet powerful as it flits across the breeze, the butterfly is a perfect representation for the self-confident person. If you’re not easily riled up because you believe in your own loveliness and strength, choose a butterfly sticker. Plus, it’s easily one of the most attractive insects to choose for a decoration.



Ants seem plain, but there’s so much more to these insects than their homogenous look. Ants are the bug representation of the hard worker and the team player. They’re the perfect bug choice for the cars of leaders, managers and coaches because to identify with an ant means you believe in your team. If you want to add a dash of personality to the typical black ant, choose your ant sticker in a wild color or a color identified with your team.



The antagonist to the ant, the grasshopper is a one of a kind and laidback. Thanks to the fable about the grasshopper and the ant as well as the bug’s powerful chirp, there’s a bit of a musical association with the grasshopper, too. If you proudly go your own way, even when you know you’re “supposed to” play along and enter into the daily grind, the grasshopper may represent you. It’s the ideal bug for artists, musicians and other creative types who earn their livings in atypical ways.


Praying Mantis

Devious and driven, the praying mantis always catches its prey. If you’re a goal-setter, and you’re willing to not only work hard, but also to put your neck out and risk a lot to get what it is you desire, then the praying mantis might be the perfect bug to represent you. If you have a bit of a “bad boy” or “bad girl” side to you, the praying mantis is like you in bug form. It’s green, it’s lethal and it makes for a fun car decoration.


Bugs may not be fun crawling over your floors, but they can sure be fun when you stick them on your car. Decorate your car with insects that won’t gum up your windshield wipers or get caked on your engine grate. You never know — trying to find a spirit bug may get you interested in the wide and fascinating world of entomology. Before you know it, you’ll have insect stickers on everything!


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