Car Door Magnet

  • Summary: prints your design on white vinyl then applies it to the #1 selling magnetic sheeting in the U.S. The magnet is 30 millimeters thick and is specially magnetized to make sure there are NO dead spots. Large magnets have rounded corners to prevent the edges from folding back during use. This reduces the possibility of air and water getting between the vehicle's surface and the magnet.

    Make sure the area of the car where you want to place the magnet is fairly flat and that the entire surface is metal. If some areas are plastic or fiberglass, gaps can form, allowing wind to get under your magnetic sign and pull it off. Even new cars sometimes have unreported fiberglass repairs to metal surfaces. Therefore, it is important to test the entire surface for proper magnetic adhesion.

    Car Door Magnets are not intended for use on highways or driving speeds of over 45mph, as this increases the risk of losing the magnet. For best results use magnets on cars going less than 45mph, driving through city and residential areas, and as job site signage on parked vehicles.

  • Looks Best On:

    Flat surfaces made of metal

  • Avoid Using On:

    Curved or plastic surfaces

  • Durability:

    1-2 Years with daily removal and cleaning

Car Door Magnet Applied To Car Image