Clear Cling

  • Summary:

    Stickers made with our clear cling material “cling” to flat glass surfaces with a low tack adhesive, which makes them easy to remove and prevents any residue from being left behind. Clear Cling stickers are easy to apply and can be repositioned. Our Clear Cling stickers are superior to static cling for outdoor use and long term applications. The low-tack adhesive allows them to stay in place until you want to remove them whereas static cling expires in 6 months or less.

    Clear Cling stickers are printed with a full-color design on one side and have the low tack adhesive on the other. If you want your cling sticker to be placed on the inside of the glass with the design facing out, it is recommended that you use the Front-Facing Static Cling option, which will print your design in reverse on clear cling and then add a layer of white ink on top of the design to increase visibility and help your design pop.

  • Looks Best On:

    Flat Glass Surfaces

  • Avoid Using On:

    Uneven or Textured Glass Surfaces

  • Durability:

    1-5 years

Clear Cling Material