Clear Static Cling

  • Summary:

    Static cling stickers are made from a thin plastic film that “clings” to different surfaces with static electricity. Static clings will cling to smooth surfaces and can easily be repositioned and reused. Clear static clings are printed on one side with the 'cling' on the other. Clear static clings are intended to be applied to a light background such as white, chrome, glass, silver or other light colors. Applying clear static clings to tinted windows or dark colors drastically reduces the visibility of your design. We cannot print white.

    Static clings are easily removed since they do not have adhesive, but can lose their ability to cling over time and may need to be re-installed or even replaced. Static Clings are not recommended for vehicles and are not weather resistant.

    If you want your clear static cling to be placed on the inside of a window facing out, it is recommended that you reverse-print your design.

  • Looks Best On:

    Clear Glass and Light Backgrounds

  • Avoid Using On:

    Tinted Glass and Dark Backgrounds

  • Durability:

    2-6 Months

Clear Static Cling Image