Clear Vinyl

  • Summary:

    Clear Vinyl is great for indoor and outdoor use. It can withstand the elements, like UV rays and rain, and can be placed on almost any type of surface, including glass, metal, wood and plastic. Clear vinyl stickers are intended to be applied to a light background such as white, chrome, glass, silver or other light colors. Applying Clear Vinyl stickers to tinted windows or dark colors drastically reduces the visibility of your design.

    Please note that most ink colors like red, green, blue, etc. are not opaque enough for clear vinyl, and we cannot print white. This means that the colors can appear transparent on this material, and if the sticker is not placed on a solid white background can appear a different color. For example, a red sticker placed on a blue background can appear purple.

    If you want your Clear Vinyl sticker to be placed on the inside of a window facing out, it is recommended that you reverse-print your design.

  • Looks Best On:

    Light Backgrounds and Clear Windows

  • Avoid Using On:

    Dark Backgrounds and Tinted Windows

  • Durability:

    1-5 Years

Clear Vinyl Applied To Car Image