Perforated Film

Perforated Film
  • Summary:

    Perforated Film creates one-way visibility with it's perforated vinyl pattern. This mesh pattern offers enough print surface area for the custom image to appear solid from the outside, with a subtle opacity. When viewing from inside, the window will appear tinted but will not lose visibility.

    Perforated Film comes in both 50/50 and 70/30. The first number in this designation represents the amount of printable space while the second number represents the amount of open (see-through) space. Therefore, a sticker made from Perforated Film at 70/30 has a larger printable area, but less see-through area, than a sticker made from Perforated Film at 50/50.

    Perforated Film is weatherproof, so it can withstand elements like UV rays and rain. It is intended for outdoor application on window and will not leave adhesive residue when removed.

  • Looks Best On:

    Storefront Windows

  • Avoid Using On:

    Opaque Surfaces

  • Durability:

    1-3 Years