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Armadillo Car Stickers and Decals

Love them or hate them, armadillos are tough, cool little creatures. With their leathery armor and their sharp claws for digging, some homeowners are not big fans, but if you cherish these funny little guys, we’ve got several cool armadillo sticker designs to use on your ride.

Armadillo Car Stickers and Decals

Whether your school mascot happens to be an armadillo or you just find them cool or unusual, if you like armadillos then you’ve come to the right spot. We have a number of armadillo stickers and car decals that can be applied to windows, cars, walls or any smooth, clean surface.

Our armadillo stickers and decals feature several different styles and design and while there are 20 different species of armadillo, there is only species in the U.S. called the nine-banded armadillo. This species of armadillo has some pretty cool defense mechanisms. When it feels threatened it will roll up into a ball, exposing only its armor-like shell. Another defense mechanism is its ability to jump 3 to 4 feet in the air to scare off predators. There are certainly a number of cool features on armadillos which is why some people love them despite others hating them.

With our armadillo stickers, we have some silly armadillos, some that are ugly and others that are just simple designs. Once you’ve selected your favorite sticker and decal design, you can then personalize it with text or clip art. Add your favorite armadillo pun to your decal or simply choose a color and size before ordering online.