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Eel Car Stickers and Decals

The electric eel and other eel species can be either terrifying or significantly fascinating depending on your perception. For those of you who find eels to be really cool, we have several awesome eel car sticker and decal designs to choose from.

Eel Car Stickers and Decals

Despite what you may think upon first observing an eel, they aren’t actually snakes that love water they are a type of fish. Another misconception about eels is that they can all shock you with their electric surge but that’s just the electric eel. In fact, there are over 400 species of eel and most of them can’t shock you.

While you don’t have to worry about getting shocked by an eel, eels do love meat as they are carnivorous and will eat worms, lizards, frogs, snails and, sometimes, human toes. They are also quite fascinating creatures to watch as they slither through the water, weaving in and out of caves and small holes in the coral. They’re also quite romantic creatures, sometimes traveling up to 4,000 miles just to find their soulmate.

There are many reasons to like eels, if not just because they look cool or scary. For whatever reason you find eels fascinating or cool, we have some awesome eel sticker and decal designs that you’ll love. From terrifying to goofy to cool-looking designs and styles of eels, there is an eel sticker for every preference.