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Porcupine Car Stickers and Decals

We don’t recommend touching a porcupine but if you’re looking for porcupine car stickers and decals then we’ve got you covered. Several cool designs to choose from and all made with durable vinyl material for indoor and outdoor use.

Porcupine Car Stickers and Decals

As the third largest rodent in the world, the porcupine is certainly an animal you don’t want to antagonize. With their body covered in tens of thousands of sharp quills, they make for a dangerous opponent. While they can’t throw or shoot their quills, as previously believed, they are known to swing their tails at predators, stabbing them with their needle sharp quills.

Luckily, if you are attacked by a porcupine and end up with several quills stuck to your body, it’s unlikely that the wound will get infected due to the quills containing an atopical antibiotic in case of self infliction. That being said, you definitely don’t want to get stuck with one as their quills are tipped with over 700 barbs, making them difficult and painful to remove.

For those of you looking for some awesome porcupine stickers and decals though, we have several cool designs to choose from. They look great on any vehicle and can be used either indoors or outdoors. Our porcupine stickers can also be customized with your own clip art or text using our online design tool. Once you’ve chosen your favorite porcupine sticker or decal design, you can personalize it and then order online.