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Handprints and Footprints Car Stickers and Decals

Add creativity and art to your vehicle with handprint or footprint decals. Fully customizable stickers that are made for both indoor and outdoor use.

Handprint & Footprint Car Stickers & Decals

We use our hands for almost everything as we go through life. Our hands have been dubbed the “tool of tools” by Aristotle and for good reason. Our hands are used to identify us, they’re used to build, fix, create art, defend, and even to help or comfort others. This is likely what makes handprints so impactful in art. Our handprint stickers aren’t just great for artistic creativity but are also a great way to remember those we love.

We also have an assortment of footprint stickers which are similarly impactful. Our feet take us places while enduring all of our weight and rarely giving up. Footprints show where we’ve come from and where we’re headed. Footprint stickers and decals are a great way to illustrate our journey through life and the road that we’ve walked on.

Our handprint and footprint stickers are fully customizable. Many of our customers like to add phrases, quotes, sayings, or simply the name(s) of a loved one. Once you’ve found a preferred footprint or handprint design, you can customize it and add text using our online design tool. Our stickers and decals are made for both indoor and outdoor use via our tough, high quality vinyl material.