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Leprechaun Car Stickers and Decals

Searching for customizable leprechaun stickers or decals? We have several lucky designs available and each can be customized.

Leprechaun Stickers & Decals

Many people associate leprechauns with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations as they originated from Irish mythology. Before Christianity was introduced to the Irish, they believe their kings and queens descended from gods and these gods would take the form of fairies and leprechauns. The portrayal of leprechauns today has changed drastically over the years, now being viewed as small little men in green outfits. They originally were very tall, played tricks on people, and typically wore a red coat.

As the myth of leprechauns slowly became more of children’s story following the introduction of Christianity in Ireland, the portrayal of leprechauns became friendlier and less intimidating. Today, though, they are still a big part of Irish culture and St Patrick’s day celebrations. So if you’re looking for leprechaun stickers or decals, whether it’s for event decorations or personal use, we have several designs to choose from.

While our leprechaun stickers may not have the power to bring you good luck, they are fully customizable and perfect for any occasion. You can use our online design tool to select your preferred color, add additional clip art, and even add custom text. The stickers are made with the best quality vinyl material for both indoor and outdoor use.