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Family Stickers Application Instructions

Need help applying your new family stickers? Don’t worry we have step by step instructions on how to apply your them perfectly to the back of your car or any other surface!

We also offer application tools at a low price to help remove any air bubbles while protecting the quality of your sicker.

If you need help applying any other types of stickers we also have guides for Small Stickers or Decals, Large Transfer Stickers, Large Die-Cut Stickers, Large Windshield Stickers and Transfer Sticker Preparation. We are also available through live chat, phone and email to answer any of your sticker and decal questions.

Application Instructions

Family Stickers Application - Step 1

Step 1

Clean the area where you will place the sticker with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Do not use Windex.

Family Stickers Application - Step 2

Step 2

Prepare the sticker for application by firmly rubbing a squeegee or credit card across the clear transfer tape. This removes any air bubbles that may have formed and makes the sticker cling to the transfer tape.

Family Stickers Application - Step 3

Step 3

Peel the white paper backing off the sticker. If the sticker clings to the backing, slowly replace the paper backing and repeat Step 2.

Family Stickers Application - Step 4

Step 4

Slowly lower the sticker and rub it in place with a squeegee or credit card. Start at the top middle and then the outer edges. Firmly rub the sticker in place to make sure there is no air trapped under the sticker.

Family Stickers Application - Step 5

Step 5

For best results wait 24 hours then slowly peel the clear cover off at an angle. Be careful not to pull the sticker off the surface. If the sticker pulls away from the surface repeat step 4.