What Is A Decal or Sticker?

It is a common misconception that decals are for you car and stickers are for everything else. Actually, there is no difference between a sticker and a decal! Whether you call them stickers or decals depends on where you're from. Many people on the east coast prefer decals, while the west coast calls them stickers. Another reason for the confusion could be the difference between transfer stickers and printed stickers.

Here are some examples of transfer and printed stickers, and the differences between them:

1. Transfer Stickers

Transfer stickers and decals are cut out of a solid color vinyl roll with a plotter and have no background.

Transfer stickers come with three essential parts. There is the paper backing, the decal and then transfer tape. The transfer tape adheres to all the pieces of your sticker or decal no matter how small they are so you can apply it as one piece. The decals below are shown in red, green, black and pink. We offer 40 colors of vinyl to choose from!

FAQ Kickball Example
FAQ Surfer Cutout Example
FAQ Ladybug Example
FAQ Skull Example

2. Printed Stickers

Printed Decals and stickers are made using a high-resolution digital printer and eco friendly, non-toxic solvent inks. The inks are applied using a heating technology which allows them to adhere to the vinyl and last for years. Printed decals can have an endless amount of colors and are perfect for multicolored designs and photographs.

These stickers can be cut out in any variety of sizes and shapes to meet any personal or business need.

FAQ Cowgirl Example
FAQ Flower Example
FAQ Fish Example
FAQ Surfer Example

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