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Parking Permit Stickers 101: Your Helpful Design Guide

Tutorials, Sticker Ideas

In general, if a business has authorized personnel and limited parking spaces then it is a good idea to use parking permit stickers to ensure the availability of parking spaces for the people who need them. They can help to maintain order, prevent parking congestion and overall create a better experience for employees, students, and visitors.

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Are Parking Permit Stickers Essential for Universities?

Sticker Ideas, Stickers

Parking permits stickers are critical for keeping things safe and organized in University parking lots and parking garages. Without parking permit stickers colleges face challenges such as overcrowding and limited availability of spaces. Students and faculty would compete for parking spots, especially during peak hours. This can lead to a lot of frustration, animosity and in people being late to classes and meetings. Lack of availability leads to increased traffic and general disorganization in parking lots.

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Custom Wedding Favor Stickers: 10 Unique Ideas to Share With Your Guests!

DIY Inspiration, Sticker Ideas, Stickers
Custom wedding favor stickers - 10 unique ideas to share with guests!

Wedding favors have been around for a long time - earliest account of wedding gifts even goes back to 800 BC. Sugar coated almonds were used in Ancient Greece during wedding ceremonies and given to guests. Greeks believed these almonds to be a symbol of bliss, good health, and never ending wealth. (Source) In England in the 16th century the couple would give love knots, made of lace and ribbon - to represent the couple’s love bond. (Source) Historically people have been celebrating love at weddings and sending their guests off with gifts to commemorate their love for a long time!

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Roll Labels Vs. Sheet Labels - Which Fits Your Needs?

Roll Labels vs Sheet Labels

Roll labels and sheet labels are both common ways of ordering bulk quantities of stickers and labels, making it easy for you to pass stickers out at events or quickly label products. They both have a lot of different advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are using them for.

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