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The Benefits of Hydration

Feb. 7, 2023

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The Benefits of Staying Hydrated with a Laser-Engraved Reusable Water Bottle!

Everyone agrees, we need to drink more water. The benefits of drinking water and using a reusable water bottle are HUGE and more important now than ever before. Drinking water is an absolutely essential part of keeping your body and your mind healthy. Here are ten reason why:

  1. Drinking water improves mood, memory and overall brain performance!
  2. Drinking Water helps fight infections. Water pouring into a glass
  3. Drinking water helps aid digestion - Your body digests food properly when it’s hydrated. Gas, bloating, and heartburn can all be a result of dehydration and poor digestion!
  4. Drinking water gives you more energy - Converts food and fuel to energy!
  5. Drinking water leads to decreased joint pain because it keeps your joints and cartilage lubricated.
  6. Drinking water regulates body temperature.
  7. Drinking water helps with kidney stone prevention.
  8. Drinking water improves heart health.
  9. Drinking water helps improve your sleep.
  10. Drinking water leads to fewer Headaches.

So many people are still using plastic water bottles to stay hydrated. But when it comes to staying hydrated, reusable water bottles are the way to go. Plastic water bottles are not only bad A water bottle washed up on a beachfor the environment but they are bad for your health too. According to Planet Rehab it will take A THOUSAND YEARS for a single plastic water bottle to break down. In the U.S. alone there are 2 million tons of discarded water bottles alone. These water bottles also take around 3 liters of water to package 1 liter of water! In addition to the environment, plastic water bottles are actually bad for our health too. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) ran a test showing that ten bottled water brands in the U.S.A. contained more than 30 contaminants in the water including caffeine, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and minerals like arsenic, radioactive isotopes, fertilizer residue and a broad range of industrial chemicals.

Water Bottle laser-engraved with CarStickers logo

So when it comes to staying hydrated the solution is to opt for a reusable water bottle! Our reusable water bottles are high quality, durable and can be personalized! Our brand new laser engraving technology is a game changer for your personalization. Design around the entire bottle, submit an intricate piece of artwork to replicate, or add your logo to your water bottle! The possibilities are endless. We are offering 3 different types of the reputable FiftyFifty bottles. Choose between a water bottle with a straw lid - perfect for staying hydrated, or a bottle with a wide mouth flip cap - great for coffee and tea. These FiftyFifty bottles are made from 18/8 food grade steel with a double wall of vacuum-insulation. These bottles are designed to last! They’re durability makes them perfect for hiking, working out, traveling, and more! They will keep your drinks cold or hot for hours! Order your custom engraved water bottle today!