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Are Parking Permit Stickers Essential for Universities?

April 30, 2024

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Parking permits stickers are critical for keeping things safe and organized in University parking lots and parking garages. Without parking permit stickers colleges face challenges such as overcrowding and limited availability of spaces. Students and faculty would compete for parking spots, especially during peak hours. This can lead to a lot of frustration, animosity and in people being late to classes and meetings. Lack of availability leads to increased traffic and general disorganization in parking lots.

In addition to safety and general organization, they are a necessity because cars are the primary form of transportation for most people these days, including students and teachers. Hank Garfield, English Professor at University of Maine recently stated in a recent blog post discussing parking permits and fees, “we’ve spent the seven-plus decades since the Second World War building up car infrastructure and tearing down public transportation, many Americans, including those who attend and work at universities, have structured their lives around a culture of car ownership as necessity.” Being that cars are prevalent and issues arise when lots don’t have structure, let's discuss some of the main benefits for having permits permit stickers at universities:

Parking permits stickers will help you to maintain order and safety

Parking permits will help to enhance campus security. By having a numbered or lettered permit associated with every vehicle and space the university can easily keep track of who is on their property and why. You can easily add variable data to parking permit stickers to make sure that your permit system is organized and makes sense. This helps to ensure that people who should be able to access building can and people who shouldn’t cannot. White college students, college classrooms with expensive equipment and sensitive information, and college dorms and living spaces, it is extremely important to maintain added layers of order and safety in the surrounding areas, especially parking lots and garages that feed into these spaces.

Managing Limited Resources

Parking permit stickers can keep parking spaces fairly allocated. This will in turn, reduce congestion around the parking lloyds and keep the flow of traffic moving at a good pace. When people aren’t rushing around looking for a spot they can move in and out of the lots quicker and with less stress! This will also help to maximize space efficiency. We’ve all been in lots where people are rushing, trying to make up parking spaces, parking poorly to squeeze into a spot they can’t fit in and then taking up space in a spot that is now unusable. There are a lot of problems that arise in a mismanaged parking lot that can be frustrating for a lot of people. When everyone has an assigned space with a parking permit sticker, they know exactly where to go, they can get a spot that perfectly suits their vehicle needs and the entire lot can be used as efficiently as possible!

Enhancing Accountability and Enforcement

Parking permits stickers can increase accountability. Campus security can easily identify any vehicle that is parking in the wrong place or driving recklessly around. They can enforce proper parking regulations so that everyone feels safe and happy in the parking lot. Being able to properly identify people who are misusing the parking lot and the spaces in the lot will help to keep the lot organized and keep the lots stress-free and organized! This also, inevitably means that parking permit stickers are a good deterrent from any misuse or misconduct in the parking lot.

Parking permit stickers are easy to order and can be ordered in a variety of materials. We offer options for indoor or outdoor application. Order front facing stickers so they can be adhered to the inside of the car window and seen clearly from the outside. Or order our standard vinyl which can be applied to the outside of a car. These parking permit stickers are fade proof and weather resistant. They can last up to 5 years without damage and can easily be removed without leaving residue behind!

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