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Roll Labels Vs. Sheet Labels - Which Fits Your Needs?

March 25, 2024

Roll Labels vs Sheet Labels

Roll labels and sheet labels are both common ways of ordering bulk quantities of stickers and labels, making it easy for you to pass stickers out at events or quickly label products. They both have a lot of different advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are using them for.  are roll labels? Samples of Roll Labels Roll Labels are stickers or labels that are printed on a continuous roll. They are typically available in a variety of material types, label finishes, shape options, sizes, adhesive type and cut types.

What are Roll Labels?

Roll Labels are stickers or labels that are printed on a continuous roll. They are typically available in a variety of material types, label finishes, shape options, sizes, adhesive type and cut types. 



The printing process for roll labels is often quick and best suited for high volume, bulk orders. The Continuous roll also makes for easy application. They are often compatible with pre-existing label dispensers, This makes the application process faster and more precise.


They come in a wide variety of material options. Rolls of labels can often be ordered in matte paper, gloss paper, BOPP vinyl, silver BOPP, standard vinyl, clear vinyl and much more! In addition to the labels themselves they can often be applied to a wide range of surfaces. Rolls are also versatile in their functionality. You can hold them at events and pass them out easily. Or, as previously mentioned, they can also be used with label dispensers.


Roll labels are compact and easy to store. This makes them much more convenient than other methods of labels and stickers. You don’t have to worry about sheets getting folded, edges curling or vinyl shrinking.

Reduced Waste

Roll labels have less material waste than other labeling options because they are on a continuous roll. They can even be ordered “butt-cut” in some cases where the labels will be touching on the roll without space between, or “butt up against each other” which creates even less waste. With roll labels you can often order an exact amount too which minimizes the likelihood of unused labels going to waste.


Die Charges & Set Up fees

The nature of the printing process for roll labels often means that there are die charges and set up fees. They aren’t as conducive for quick customization as other labeling options. This is part of why bulk ordering is better for roll labels.

Minimum Order Quantities

Many custom roll label manufacturers have minimum order quantity requirements. This can be a disadvantage for anyone with lower labeling needs and tough if you want to do test runs.

Lead Times and Production Delays

When it comes to roll labels there tends to be a bit more back and forth in the proofing process which leads to longer lead times.

What are sheet labels?

Sheet labels are adhesive labels or stickers that come in a sheet form. They can be ordered custom online from a variety of printing services or you can buy blank paper labels suitable for desktop, at-home printers. Avery labels offer a wide variety of ink jet suitable labels. Often sheet labels are in a format where each label is the same size and shape. People commonly use sheet labels for a variety of purposes - address labels, product labels, packaging, shipping and more!



They are easy to use and convenient for printing multiple labels at once. If you are looking to print black and white or simple text, it is easy to buy blank labels and print them at home.


If you are looking for customization, ordering sheet labels online is the way to go. Here at Car Stickers you can order fully custom sheets where each sticker is a different size and shape. You can design the entire sheet too so that you can utilize the entire surface area of the sheet rather than just the areas where the labels are.

Cost Effective

Compared to roll labels, sheet labels are much more cost effective. There don’t tend to be many set up fees, if any at all. You can also order small quantities whereas you typically have minimums when it comes to other label methods like roll labels.


Unlike roll labels, there aren't usually minimum order quantities for sheet labels, making them much more versatile. The versatility of sheet labels is one of their best qualities. You can order them in a variety of materials, a variety of sizes and with a variety of shapes. You can create an entirely custom sheet or order uniform sheets. Being that you can also order standard sheets to print at home gives the user a lot of different options unlike any other method of labeling.


Time Consuming

Printing sheet labels yourself can be very time consuming. Especially if you are printing large quantities. They are also more time consuming to peel and stick than other options like roll labels.

Not Ideal for Mass Production

Sheet labels are great for low to medium sized quantities but not as great for larger scaled projects.

Printing Issues

If you are going to print them yourself at home there is a lot that could go wrong. Misalignment can be a big issue.


Sheet labels often lead to a lot more waste than other methods of creating labels. You have a sheet with a lot of extra adhesive leftover depending on your shape and design. If you need a more custom sheet with intricate die cut shapes it will often lead to even more waste.

Overall custom roll labels and sheet labels are both great options for ordering labels for products, shipping purposes, packaging, events and more! There are a lot of different things to consider like size of stickers, quantity, preferred materials etc. Whether you choose sheet labels or roll labels for your business needs, each option offers a lot of unique advantages and disadvantages.