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The Benefits of Retail Packaging

Nov. 23, 2021

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The Benefits of Retail Packaging

Are you an artist who is interested in selling your artwork and designs as stickers? Are you a shop owner or a boutique owner who sells stickers and doesn't know how to present them in your store? Do you want to sell custom decals but don't know how to ship or mail them?

Well, we have an answer for all of you! - Retail packaging! We now offer retail packaging at checkout. This means that when you order custom stickers we will individually package them in a poly bag and sturdy backing that you can re-sell them in and ship them in. Whether you are ordering custom oval stickers, one color transfer stickers, or one of our variety of awesome sticker designs - retail packaging can be added on to all of your stickers! A Set of Stickers in Retail Packaging

What exactly are the benefits of this retail packaging for stickers that we speak of? Well for starters it will save you time! You will not have to worry about packaging your stickers before you drop them off at your distributors. They will arrive packaged! The days of putting your stickers in self sealing poly bags on your own are GONE! We will do that part for you!

In addition to being a time saver they will take your custom decals to the next level with presentation. They will be more appealing to your buyers because your stickers will be easier to place on their shelves. When stickers are dropped off with no packaging there aren't many ways for a retailer to present them to their customers other than to leave them in a stack on their countertops.

With retail packaging your stickers can be placed on card racks, spinning fixtures, hung on peg board walls and more! In addition to the versatility of presentation, retail packaging will protect your stickers in a retail environment. When your custom decals are left in stacks on countertops they are vulnerable to theft and damage. In retail packaging your stickers will be protected from both of these things! A Display of Stickers in Retail Packaging

The packaging makes them harder for someone to steal and also adds a layer of protection so that they cannot be damaged easily Now if you are not selling your stickers in retail settings there are still some really great benefits to retail packaging for you. Retail packaging will be a game changer for packaging, shipping and mailing your sticker orders. You will no longer have to worry about your stickers getting damaged in transit. This will give your stickers a professional look too which your customer will appreciate!

In addition to making shipping easier, retail packaging is great for custom decals you want to give as a gift! Your stickers will be nicely packaged with application instructions on the back! This will make your stickers much more desirable as a gift. They will also fit nicely into a card or envelope! Multiple Stickers in Retail Packaging on a DisplayWe realize that a lot of the custom stickers that our customers order are stickers that they resell to their customers in retail settings, at art shows, in their merchandise shops and more! We saw a need for some sort of package for stickers in these environments. That is why we came up with this new feature! We wanted to create something that would help our customers be successful with their stickers sales and take their custom decals to the next level.

So, how does it work? When you order retail packaging we will put each one of your stickers into a crystal clear poly bag that folds over and seals on the back. There will also be a durable cardstock backing behind the sticker with directions on how to apply the stickers on the back. There is a version for printed stickers that are easily applied by peeling and sticking. There is also a version for transfer stickers that come with transfer tape and have more of a lengthy application process. The directions on the back will make a world of difference for your customers who might not be familiar with the process of applying transfer stickers.

Transfer Stickers in Retail Packaging Application Instructions on the Back of Retail Packaging

We have created 3 different fun designs that you can choose from when you are checking out on our website. In addition to adding retail packaging to your custom decals you can also add retail packaging to any one of our 50,000+ sticker designs. If you don't want one of our designs you can order retail packaging with your own branded designs. For a custom retail packaging quote you can contact one of our sales representatives to find out the details. Retail packaging will be sure to set you apart from the competition and make your life a little easier. You don't want to pass up on this awesome new feature we are offering!