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Water Bottle Sticker Mania

July 5, 2022

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Water Bottle Sticker Mania

You may have started noticing that more and more people are carrying reusable water bottles with them everywhere. Nalgenes, Hydro Flasks, Swells you name it - they are EVERYWHERE. There is even a tik tok trend where people show off their “emotional support water bottle” in a video. As reusable water bottles have grown in popularity so has a hot new trend: Water bottle stickers Water Bottle with Hiking Club Sticker on It Water Bottle with Hiking Club Sticker in front of  Sunset

Bumper stickers used to be the go-to for young people to show off their personalities and spread messages through stickers. This trend for young people has slowly faded. Part of this has to do with the statistics behind teens and young people driving less than they used to. According to the Federal Highway Administration, the percentage of American 16-year-olds with driver’s licenses was roughly 25 percent in 2014. In 1983 this number was 46 percent! That means we have seen a 21 percent drop since 1983! With less teens and young people on the road they needed somewhere else to showcase their personality through stickers. While bumper stickers are still prominent on the road for many people, for young people nowadays water bottles are their choice of canvas for their political stickers, branded stickers, sports team stickers , logo stickers and more!

Water Bottle with Cancer Astrology Sign Sticker This trend has become popularized by students and social media users but it has expanded to people of all ages! This has become incredibly popular with Hydro Flasks in particular. Their colorful water bottles and blank surface offer the perfect canvas for their owners to showcase their individuality and spread a message with stickers. So if you are someone who has a brand new water bottle and are wondering, should I put stickers on my brand new water bottle? We vote YES. Our custom water bottle stickers are printed on durable and flexible vinyl so they can be easily added to your cylindrical water bottle. They are also waterproof so they will be able to withstand many trips to school, bikes, walks, hikes, adventures indoor and outdoor and more! In addition to that they are all able to be easily removed at ANY TIME without leaving any residue behind! You won’t have to struggle to remove our water bottle stickers at all, making it easy for you to totally redecorate your water bottle again and again and again! Especially if you want to hop on the Tik Tok trend of sticker bombing your waterbottle with a simple snap!

Water Bottle at the Beach with Take It Easy Sticker

If you don't have custom artwork you want to turn into a water bottle sticker today here are some other ideas:

Dog Sticker s and Cat Stickers - turn your pet into a sticker with our remove background tool and show off your pet for everyone to see!

Social Media Stickers - Order a sticker with your tik tok or Instagram user handle so that people know where to find your and your profile online everytime they see your water bottle!

Motivational Quote Stickers - Order from a variety of motivational stickers today to remind yourself to “Believe in Yourself!” everytime you look at your water bottle. We have a variety of illustrated designs in our Motivational quotes section to choose from!

Greek Life stickers - Order from a selection of fraternity and sorority stickers to show your Greek life pride! These stickers make for a great gift for new pledges at the sorority or fraternity house in addition to a brand new water bottle so they can show their sorority pride on campus! We have a ton of awesome licensed designs to choose from!

So what’s stopping you from ordering water bottle stickers today?!