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Top Sticker Trends in 2022

March 25, 2022

Marketing Solutions, Sticker Ideas
Sticker Trends in 2022

Every year different trends in sticker types and materials rise to the top and old trends fall. Brands and companies are constantly evolving and looking for new ideas and ways to market their business efficiently and cost effectively. And in a world where social media is more important than ever before and the internet is everywhere and moving fast - trends are happening quickly and new promotional trends are constantly changing!

One thing that we are certain is not changing is promoting your brand with stickers. Custom stickers are cost effective. They are easy to use. And they are fun! People seriously love stickers. You can use them as freebies in your orders, give them to your employees to create brand awareness, send them to top customers, pass them out at events and so much more! That is why we have compiled a list of the top ten sticker trends in 2022 so that you can use stickers to help your business grow and make your mark in your industry this year.

A Holographic Transfer Sticker that says Adventure is Calling

Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are all the rage this year! They will give you the 90s nostalgia you’ve been yearning for. Holographic stickers shimmer and shine in the sunlight like nothing you have ever seen before. You will see a full rainbow effect in your design at times when it hits the light just right. We offer two types of holographic custom stickers. You can order a printed sticker where you can get your full color design printed on holographic material. Or you can order holographic transfer stickers where you can get a one color design cut out of holographic material. For the one-color option you can even choose between a variety of holographic glitter color options.

Sticker Sheets

Sticker sheets are a fun way to engage with your audience. They give you the chance to add your logo and other fun designs to one sticker sheet so that your customers can use multiple stickers to decorate their items. They will give you the opportunity to get creative with your branding assets and go beyond the logo sticker! Sticker sheets will be a great addition to your subscription boxes, your gift baskets and more!

A Die-Cut Sticker of the CarStickers Logo on a Phone

Die Cut Logo Stickers

Speaking of logo stickers…you can’t go wrong with a classic! Logo stickers are still in style on trend. In some ways more than ever before! A die-cut logo sticker is a sticker cut the shape of your logo. This is great for brand awareness and recognition. You can give them out to customers for free with purchases, sell them in your gift shops, and give them to your employees. Die-cut logo stickers will adhere to laptops, phone cases, water bottles, cars and more. The more you sell and give out the more your logo will start to appear all over. You customers will all become like brand ambassadors when they walk around with your logo sticker on their water bottles, when you employees have them on their laptops, and when your guests adhere them to their bumpers! You can’t go wrong with logo stickers!

Water Bottle Stickers

Water bottle stickers are so popular that this past year it even became a popular trend on Tik Tok to show a video of you adding stickers to your “Emotional Support Water Bottle”. Some people also like to takeA Water Bottle at the Beach with a Sticker that says Take It Easy videos of themselves peeling off their old stickers and re-decorating their water bottles! In addition to these trendy videos, many reusable water bottle companies are on the rise as it becomes more and more popular to move away from single use plastic water bottles. People are also using the #stayhydrated hashtag every time they post a picture of their water bottle to encourage people to drink more water. All of these things have led to a water bottle sticker craze! Our water bottle stickers are great because they are waterproof, will last up to 5 years without fading, and they can be removed at any time without leaving residue behind if you want to re-decorate your water bottle.

Photo Stickers Of Your Pets

Photo stickers of your furry friends have been around for a little while and they have A Brown Dog and a Photo Sticker of the Same Dogonly gotten more and more popular. You can order dog stickers or cat stickers! In a 2021 survey conducted by YPulse, they found that 76% of Millennials (ages 20 to 38) prefer to have pets over children. In addition to the growth of pets in homes, comes pride for pets! What better way to show your pet pride than with a custom photo sticker to put on your phone cases, laptops, coffee mugs and more! Our design tool makes it easy to remove the background of your photos and customize your photo stickers of your pets.

QR Code Stickers

QR Code stickers are the new business card. Say goodbye to the days of ordering business cards and passing them out. QR codes have been around for a while but their effectiveness and full potential was not realized until recently when people started using them as stickers. The use of QR codes for menus at restaurants and bars skyrocketed during the pandemic. We don’t think these industries are going to turn back because using the QR code helps them to cut costs of printing menus and also helps them to make quick changes on their digital menu. The restaurant industry startedA QR Code Sticker Being Scanned using QR code table stickers because of this trend. Our stickers will adhere to tables and maintain a professional look so that you don’t have to work about taping paper to your table seeing the papers get mangled and destroyed. The stickers are durable and easy to use. In addition to the service industry, QR code stickers are great for vendors at trade shows, businesses to put on the side of their vans and trucks, gift shops to use at their counters and more! QR code stickers are efficient and will help guide your customers directly to your site instead of hoping they find it later. You don’t want to miss out on this sticker trend!

There you have it - these are the 2022 sticker trends that we have seen taking over in the sticker space. By definition, trends are always moving and changing. It’s important to take advantage of some trends while they are hot, while others, like logo stickers, will stand the test of time!