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The Benefits of Using Stickers for Nonprofits

Oct. 12, 2021

Fundraising & Nonprofits
Stickers for Nonprofits

Spreading awareness is one of the core goals for most nonprofit organizations. One of the best ways to spread awareness and create brand recognition so that people learn about your cause is with promotional products. With a robust industry of promotional products out there it can be hard to decide what to buy for fundraisers, as gifts for donors, and what to use as giveaways. Not to mention - a lot of promotional products can get very expensive. This is why stickers for nonprofits are growing in popularity as an easy and affordable way for organizations to spread awareness about their cause!

Why use stickers to promote my nonprofit organization?

Stickers for nonprofits are a great promotional item for your supporters because they will be able to publicly display their support of your cause. Stickers also offer mobility and versatility! Logo Sticker for Street Dog Hero Stickers are going to move with their owners. Oftentimes people will put your stickers on their car, laptop, water bottle or something else that they will take around with them. This is going to create a great buzz about your organization! Whereas other promotional products like mugs, calendars, stress balls, bottle openers etc. are things that people often leave at home or at their desk once they receive them.

Who would I give them to?

One of the most popular uses of stickers for nonprofits is to give them out as an incentive. You can give out a free bumper sticker for donors who donate over $10 for example and advertise this on your site. Or you can incentivize people to attend your events and fundraisers by giving them out to event attendees. The stickers featured above were handed out to guests at a Street Dog Hero event that we recently sponsored. You can also use stickers as gifts and giveaways. You can send out free stickers to repeat donors to say thank you. Or you can send stickers out to your mailing list with your newsletter as a fun surprise!

Are they really worth the money?

Yes! They are one of the most affordable ways to spread awareness. At Car Stickers - you can get 1000 3x3 die-cut stickers for $290.00 ($0.29 ea.). Stickers are something that will help promote your cause all over the world through word of mouth. Your supporters will be able to spread awareness by using them and placing them somewhere that they will be seen by friends, colleagues, strangers and more! In turn your stickers will help you with fundraising by spreading this awareness!

Not to mention - stickers are much cheaper than other popular promotional items that people tend to leave at home or at their desk. And these other promotional products are often bulky, heavy and hard to ship. Mugs can break in transit. Calendars can be large and awkward. And mini flashlights often break or don’t last long. But stickers can be sent in an envelope. They are lightweight. And our stickers are durable, weather proof and long lasting!

What should you put on your sticker?

Creating logo stickers is always one of the best options. This will help you with brand awareness. If people recognize your logo - great! they will see your sticker on a laptop somewhere and it will remind them of your cause. If they don’t know your logo then they might ask the person behind the laptop what their sticker is? Or they might see your logo and look it up later. Either way - great way to promote your organization and create brand awareness.

Another great idea for your stickers is to use a slogan. Sometimes slogans have more of a punch to them - they can be much more attention grabbing which is what you want in your stickers. So when you are thinking about your stickers - make sure you think about what will be attention grabbing to a passerby.

Lastly, you can use stickers for specific occasions & events. We sponsored the 2021 In Our Backyard Sip and Give event this past year with these die-cut stickers you see on the left. Sip & Give Sticker for a Charity EventIn Our Backyard chose to create stickers with their event logo and hand them out to everyone who attended. This was such a great idea! It was a great way to say thank you to everyone who attended the event and to welcome everyone to the event by handing them out at the door. They used this event to introduce their “Sip and Give” fundraising and awareness campaign series to a wider audience and ask people in the community to also host their own Sip & Give fundraising events. By putting the event logo on their sticker they were able to leave every attendee with something that they would remember the event by. They also have their logo on the top and their website on the bottom so that people will know where to find them.

Overall, we think stickers for nonprofits are the best promotional product choice for nonprofits! If you are a part of a nonprofit organization and are interested in being sponsored by Carstickers, Inc. check out our Nonprofit Program!