How to Discourage Road Rage in Your Fellow Drivers

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road-rage Driving can be dangerous. You may be a safe and lawful driver, but there’s no telling what kind of drivers you’ll confront during any routine trip to the grocery store or during your commute to and from work every day. Too many drivers are rude or angry, and the road rage they exhibit places them and you in harm’s way. Although you can never predict exactly what you’ll encounter on the road, it is advisable to learn and put into effect a few tricks to mitigating road rage in your fellow drivers. All of these steps are easy, and most

Keeping a Little of the City in Your Heart

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cityscape New York. Los Angeles. Chicago. Any number of metropolitan areas across the U.S. You were born and raised in one of the bigger cities in the nation, or maybe you spent a few very informative years of your life in one for college. But now a new job, marriage or children have brought you into the suburbs or small towns of America. It’s not that you’re unhappy, but you do miss the hustle and bustle of the big city you left behind. Celebrate your love for metropolitan living in a small, tight-knit community and bring the best of it to your new home.

Aloha, Hawaii: Bring Home Some of That No-Worry Vibe!

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Hawaiian Sunrise Whether you make a trip to Hawaii an annual event or you simply dream of someday spending time on America’s island paradise, you can live a little of the mai ho`okaumaha (no worries) Hawaiian lifestyle even if you’re stuck in a place where it’s covered in snow half the year. Place little reminders of Hawaii, the tropics and a stress-free attitude throughout your life, so you remember to take a deep breath and relax wherever you go. Round out your celebration of your love for America’s 50th state with a party on a warm summer night.

3 Fun Ways to Subtly Brag About Your Travels

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brag-about-your-travels Some people see a map of the U.S. or even of the globe and see it as a list of places they’ve been and places they’ve yet to visit. If traveling is your passion, especially if it’s often by car so you can take those unexpected stops to surprising places, show off your traveling experience to friends, family and strangers. Everyone can share pictures online, but you can take it a step further and let your friends and family experience a little bit of where you’ve been or bring your experience with you wherever you go.