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Aloha, Hawaii: Bring Home Some of That No-Worry Vibe!

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Hawaiian Sunrise Whether you make a trip to Hawaii an annual event or you simply dream of someday spending time on America’s island paradise, you can live a little of the mai ho`okaumaha (no worries) Hawaiian lifestyle even if you’re stuck in a place where it’s covered in snow half the year. Place little reminders of Hawaii, the tropics and a stress-free attitude throughout your life, so you remember to take a deep breath and relax wherever you go. Round out your celebration of your love for America’s 50th state with a party on a warm summer night.

Put Tropical Landscape Pictures on Your Desk

Where do you spend most of your time? Probably at your desk in your home or work office. Remind yourself of Hawaii at this important place, where you’re likely to get struck by the mid-afternoon doldrums. Make it your computer wallpaper. Print out pictures you took yourself or even just images from the Internet of gorgeous Hawaiian scenes and frame them beside the pictures of your loved ones and pets. If allowed, hang a fake flower lei from a hook in your office or cubicle. Do whatever you can to get that visual reminder of your favorite locale for a quick pick-me-up when work becomes draining.

Decorate Your Car

hawaii-scene-sticker Luaus. Leis. Tropical flowers and hula boys and girls. There are a few images that scream “Hawaii!” even in silhouette. Spice up your vehicle with car stickers celebrating your love for all things Hawaii and tropics. Choose from a wide selection of Hawaii images or customize stickers with pictures you took on your last trip there. Apply just a small sticker or two on your rear window or go all out, transforming your vehicle into a tropical flower and beach canvas, with large stickers on the hood and body of the vehicle. Stickers are much cheaper than paint jobs, and you can easily swap them out when you want to try a new design.

Throw a Hawaiian Party

Summer is the best time for entertaining. The weather’s gorgeous, and if you close your eyes, you might be able to imagine you’re already in Hawaii. Recreate the Hawaiian feeling as much as possible by throwing a Hawaiian themed party one summer night. You can do it during the day, sure, or even indoors during winter if you’re being ironic, but summer nights just feel right. Light tiki torches and bring in fake palm trees for some of that luau ambience. Lei your guests as they arrive and dress in grass skirts or bright floral patterns. Look up traditional Hawaiian dishes and do your best to recreate them, even if you have to grill pork instead of using a traditional fire pit.

There’s a technique in therapy called “safe place,” where you imagine a place that epitomizes relaxation whenever you feel overwhelmed. Perhaps for you, Hawaii is that safe place. Keeping a little of the Hawaiian vibe in your life year-round can prove a positive experience for you — and maybe even serve as a carrot and stick. One day, maybe you’ll move there. And by working hard until then, you’ll have the means with which to make the move.