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Custom Wedding Favor Stickers: 10 Unique Ideas to Share With Your Guests!

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Custom wedding favor stickers - 10 unique ideas to share with guests!

Wedding favors have been around for a long time - earliest account of wedding gifts even goes back to 800 BC. Sugar coated almonds were used in Ancient Greece during wedding ceremonies and given to guests. Greeks believed these almonds to be a symbol of bliss, good health, and never ending wealth. (Source) In England in the 16th century the couple would give love knots, made of lace and ribbon - to represent the couple’s love bond. (Source) Historically people have been celebrating love at weddings and sending their guests off with gifts to commemorate their love for a long time!

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Planning a Personalized Party

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Title Card that says "Planning a Personalized Party!"

Personalizing a party can take a party from a standard get-together to a unique and unforgettable celebration. Custom stickers, banners, coasters, magnets, and decals are an excellent way to add that special touch to your party and make it stand out from the rest. With the right designs and products, these decorations can be both functional and visually appealing, providing guests with a fun and memorable experience. 

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How to Start a Sticker Business

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Title Card that says "How to Start a Sticker Business"

Whether you’re an artist wanting to bring your designs to life or in need of designs to sell in a store; we understand what it is like trying to start your own sticker businesses. It can be daunting and a lot of work.  If you’ve been dreaming of starting a sticker business but don’t know how or where to start, we’re here to help. We have created a guide for you full of tips and tricks on how to start your own sticker business! Don’t wait, start your business plan today using these strategies and following this simple outline.

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Water Bottle Sticker Mania

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Water Bottle Sticker Mania

You may have started noticing that more and more people are carrying reusable water bottles with them everywhere. Nalgenes, Hydro Flasks, Swells you name it - they are EVERYWHERE. There is even a tik tok trend where people show off their “emotional support water bottle” in a video. As reusable water bottles have grown in popularity so has a hot new trend: Water bottle stickers!

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