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Our Martial Arts Stickers Are Kickin!

Karate Stickers.

Martial arts are traditions and systems of combat that are very important and valuable in many cultures! Martial arts are practiced for many reasons, including physical defense, entertainment, the preservation of one’s culture and mental and spiritual development/connection. There are numerous forms of martial arts including, but not limited to Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Wing Chun and Karate.

Karate Sticker

Karate may be considered the most well-known and most practiced form of martial arts in the United States. It was mostly influenced by the art of Kung Fu and is predominantly a striking art; meaning it mostly uses techniques such as kicking, knee strikes, and punching. Because of the development of martial arts movies in the mid to late sixties and seventies, karate became more widely known and practiced all over the world, and especially in English speaking countries. Although all forms of martial arts vary in where they were created and which techniques are used, many people use the term “karate” when referring to most martial arts.

Stack of Karate Cat stickers

We are excited to announce the new and improved Karate & Martial Arts Stickers and Decals category on www.carstickers.com! This category previously existed, however, it was lacking variety and had very minimal options but we just changed that! Numerous designs are full of creativity and vibrant in color, representing multiple forms of martial arts while demonstrating the strong cultural importance they hold for many.

Is karate your passion? Do you love training in martial arts and ancient forms of traditions and systems of combat? Maybe you’re a parent or friend supporting a loved one in pursuing martial arts for sport and hobby! However you’re linked to the timeless and culturally rich art form, we have what you’re looking for. Perhaps you want a silly sticker of a cat in the traditional karate attire? Or maybe you’d like a more accurate depiction of martial arts with a traditional fighting pose? Regardless of what you’re searching for in a decal, we have it in our multiple pages of designs and artwork.

Karate Fighter Sticker

The karate & martial arts stickers and decals come in multiple sizes, perfect for your phone, laptop, or car window! Our stickers and decals are made of vinyl and are designed to resist weather damage and won’t fade from high temperatures or be damaged by freezing temperatures. They are easy to apply and can also be easily removed without damaging car paint or leaving a residue. We print on high-quality, weatherproof vinyl with vibrant colors that last up to 5 years! Check out our Karate & Martial Arts Stickers and Decals category today and discover the perfect decal for you!