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In Loving Memory Stickers

Lasts up to 5 years
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In Loving Memory Stickers

Losing a family member, friend or loved one is a tragic loss and can be difficult to move past but it’s important that you keep their memory alive. You can keep them in your heart and thoughts with our customizable “In Loving Memory” stickers and car decals. You can upload a multi-color image of your lost loved one or simply choose from one of nearly a hundred themes and designs that would best represent your loved one’s memory.

For friends and loved ones who have served in the military or police service you can honor their bravery and sacrifice with our soldier and officer badge emblems – choose from any of the military branches or select one of our many protective services designs.

Did your loved one have a favorite hobby, pastime or something that would make you think of them? We have dozens of different themes that you can choose from to best remember your lost loved one by. If you’ve lost a beloved pet, we also have a number of designs for pet owners and pet lovers to choose from. Customize your sticker or car decal as necessary with a wide variety of customization features.