It's not unusual for people to have images that aren't quite print ready. Sometimes you see an image on the internet that you really want a sticker of or something else and so you download it. Other times a designer designed your logo or artwork a long time ago and all you are left with is some version that is not quite as useful as the original file the designer used when making the files...and you have no options of different file formats or larger, good quality sizes. We can help.

When the process is done we will deliver a .AI or .EPS file to you that is vector type graphic and can be used from that point on to give to other printers of your graphics. This kind of graphic can be used as small as possible or as large as a skyscraper without loss of quality.

You can read more about vector artwork in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Vectorization Service
Vectorization Example of Shield

Vector Graphics Don't Loose Quality on Large Prints

Our client's original graphic is on the left. The vector graphic we created is on the right. It's not easy to see the significance of getting a graphic vectorized from images of this size. The graphic that was sent to us was about 350 x 415 pixels. Printing at 300 dpi, you could make a 1.2" x 1.4" sticker. If you wanted to have a larger sticker made, the quality and detail would diminish quickly every square inch. Vector graphics will never diminish in quality no matter the size of sticker or banner we print on. You can see an example of this in the zoomed in version of the graphic below.

Shield Closeup

Vectorization Examples

Jersey Boys Diner Logo Original


Jersey Boys Diner Logo Vectorized


Milton Warriors Logo Original


Milton Warriors Logo Vectorized


FHS International Logo Original


FHS International Logo Vectorized


Southern California Bombers Logo Original


Southern California Bombers Logo Vectorized


Braves Baseball Logo Original


Braves Baseball Logo Vectorized


Additional Services

Vector Graphic Created From A Sketch

Do you have an idea for a design? Our graphic designers can take your sketch or idea and create a custom vector graphic for you to use for stickers, signs or banners. And you will own the vector file when it is done for use on any other future marketing materials.

Cross Before
Cross After Vectorization

Oval Sketch Before
Oval After Vectorization