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DIY - Kitchen Jar Sticker Labels

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Get your kitchen organized and make your life easier with this DIY Kitchen Sticker Label Project! Let’s face it, digging through the cupboards for the bag of brown sugar is a pain sometimes. Even worse when your partially opened bag of quinoa spills all over the counter as you pull it down from the cabinet. This DIY organization project using Custom Vinyl Stickers will change your life when it comes to cooking and baking! 
Kitchen Jar Label Stickers

To get started you will need a lot of glass jars. I would recommend getting a large pack of medium sized glass jars and then a couple of larger ones. You can usually find them at a dollar store or your local craft store. Find jars that are smooth all the way around or at least on one side because our vinyl stickers adhere best to smooth surfaces. You will also need your Custom Vinyl Stickers! You can keep things simple and create text only decals with our Custom Vinyl Lettering or you can add a little flare by ordering Custom Printed Stickers and using the design tool to add text and imagery to your labels! Have fun with it! Make it something you will want to look at everyday. For some people - simpler is better! For others - Adding some borders and imagery to match your kitchen vibe will make you more excited about this project - so we encourage you to get creative with your stickers! Once you have your stickers and jars you are ready to start throwing in your ingredients. The last part is simple - place your ingredient jars back in your cabinets and on your shelves and admire your newly organized space!  

For those of you who feel like you don’t know what you want your labels to look like don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! We created a Crafty Kitchen Labels Sticker Bundle that you can purchase directly on our site. This will save you some time if you are indecisive about fonts and design! Whether you use our sticker bundle or customize your own stickers you can feel good about using our Custom Vinyl Stickers because they are waterproof, durable and come with a free layer of lamination. This is why they will be sure to last the wear and tear of cooking, baking and handling in the kitchen!  

If you try this project out please share your final product with us! We’d love to see how it turned out. And if you have a DIY Sticker project of your own you would like to share with us, even better! If you fill out our DIY submission form and share pictures and/or videos of your project with us we will gift you $25 in Store Credit to Car Stickers.
Jars with Sticker Labels