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Custom Wedding Favor Stickers: 10 Unique Ideas to Share With Your Guests!

March 25, 2024

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Custom wedding favor stickers - 10 unique ideas to share with guests!

Wedding favors have been around for a long time - earliest account of wedding gifts even goes back to 800 BC. Sugar coated almonds were used in Ancient Greece during wedding ceremonies and given to guests. Greeks believed these almonds to be a symbol of bliss, good health, and never ending wealth. (Source) In England in the 16th century the couple would give love knots, made of lace and ribbon - to represent the couple’s love bond. (Source) Historically people have been celebrating love at weddings and sending their guests off with gifts to commemorate their love for a long time!

Nowadays there are so many options for custom wedding party favors it’s hard to choose! Sweet treats are still just as popular as they were with the Ancient Greeks and symbolizing love is still a priority. With so many options to choose from it can be hard to pick the perfect party favor for your wedding. One thing that should be a no-brainer is using custom wedding favor stickers to customize your party favors! Stickers are easy to order, cost effective and the perfect way to add a personal touch to your wedding favors. Stickers are extremely versatile and come in a large variety of adhesive and material types too. Here are 5 unique ideas for creating custom wedding favors with stickers:

Photo Stickers

Create custom photo stickers from any photo from your big day. You can create photo stickers of the venue and wedding date to cPhoto Sticker of bride and groomommemorate the occasion. It’s easy to upload a photo of your sticker to our design tool and remove the background to create a custom die cut sticker! You can add other elements like text to the image in the design tool as well. Add your names, the date or any other message to your photo sticker easily. You can also create photo stickers from photos of the wedding dress, a portrait of the couple, the bouquet and flowers at the wedding or any other photos that you might want to capture and commemorate. Photo stickers are a great option for custom wedding favor stickers because they are a fun and easy way to give your guests something to remember your day by that they can take with them and keep on their own personal items.

Recipe Stickers

Custom die cut stickers with one of your favorite recipes that you and your partner like to eat together. Or keep it tied into the wedding day by doing recipe stickers of the signature cocktail at the wedding. Take it a step further and give your guests a mini bottle of the liquor used in the cocktail in a little treat bag with the recipe adhered to the bag. For example if you have a signature espresso martini maybe do a little treat bag with espresso beans and a mini bottle of spirits along with the recipe sticker adhered Water bottle with quote stickerto the bag. Recipe stickers are a fun and unique way to share something you and your partner love with your guests!

Quote Stickers

Custom vinyl lettering stickers with quotes from the couple are a great way to leave your guests with a lasting impression. Another great idea would be to use a quote from your wedding song that everyone can resonate with. You can choose from over 50 colors of vinyl lettering here, so you will be sure to find something to match the theme of your wedding. Vinyl lettering is a fun and easy way to commemorate your big day and leave your guests with something that they can take with them anywhere they go. It can be added to a bumper, a water bottle, a laptop or any other smooth surface!

Label Stickers

Create custom label stickers with the couples names, date, monogram, or funny sayings. to personalize party jars, bottles or other containers. For bulk ordering it helps to order custom sticker sheets. Custom sticker sheets can help the labeling process go smooth and efficiently and be a huge time saver for busy brides and party planners! Some popular ideas involving custom label stickers: Custom wedding label on a jar of honey

  • 'Mint to Be' stickers on tic tacs or mint containers.
  • 'Thanks for buzzing by' on little jars of honey
  • 'Sip sip hooray!' on mini champagne or wine bottles
  • 'Best Day Ever' personalized sun screen if you are in a sunny climate
  • 'Love is Lit!' customized candles

Customize Your Own Wedding Favor Sticker Today!

No matter which option you choose, custom wedding favor stickers are a great way to personalize your wedding and give your guests something special to remember your big day by. They are cost effective and easy to order. There are a variety of types of stickers to choose from, materials and fully customizable ways to create the perfect stickers for your party. Don't miss the chance to leave your guests with a lasting impression with custom wedding favor stickers today!