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QR Code Stickers

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Create Custom QR Code Stickers

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With a website URL code, people that scan it will be taken to whatever site that you enter. This sticker is great for marketing, or directing customers to a menu at restaurants.

Contact Card QR Code

With a contact information code, people will be able to add you as a contact in their phone without having to type anything. This is a great networking option for freelancers and small businesses.

Text QR Code

SMS text message codes are great for contests, deals and coupons. They work best with an automated text message system that creates a list of customers and allow you to reach out to them whenever you have a new sale or coupon!

Custom QR Code

With a custom QR code, you can do anything from pulling up an app in the iTunes store to requesting a PayPal payment from the person scanning it. This is an advanced option.

How They Work

QR codes have become increasingly popular over the years are a quick and easy way to share information. They work by allowing users to scan the code with their phone and retrieve the information stored within the code. What’s great about them is that they can store up to a hundred times more information than a conventional horizontal bar code and can be scanned from any direction.

Common Uses for QR Code Stickers

Commonly used for sharing product or business information, custom QR codes can also be used for a variety of other situations, including contact information. Encouraging customers to leave a review, for instance, can be made easier by creating a code that links to your business review listing, making it much more convenient for customers to leave you a review. They can also be used to share a personal message in a unique way or share contact information, event details or other pertinent information that would take longer to write down.

Someone scanning a custom QR Code sticker with phone.