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Sign and Symbol Magnets

Printed on quality 20 mil material, our sign and symbol magnets for cars are great for commercial and personal use. Browse through dozens of unique designs!

Sign and Symbol Magnets

From street signs to indoor caution and exit signs, we have all signs and symbols available for use as high quality magnets. For restaurant and shop owners you can find all commonly used signs including “no smoking” signs, exit signs, recycle signs and more. We also have a wide selection of sign and symbol magnets for cars which include directional signs, stop signs, highway and street number signs and more.

Our selection of “Mandatory” signs is also quite extensive and commonly used by schools, hospitals and restaurants. These include “Wash Hands” magnets, hairnet and/or shoe cover requirement signs, head and/or eye protection requirement signs and more. Our sign and symbol magnets for cars can be placed on any smooth magnetic surface.

In addition to street and instructional signs, this category also includes ancient and astrological signs and symbols. These include Aztec, Zodiac, and Egyptian Hieroglyphic signs and symbols stickers. These magnets are made from high quality 20 mil magnet material and are safe on car paint.