Antelope Stickers

The antelope is a graceful and beautiful creature. They are fast and strong and celebrated in many cultures. We have a large selection of antelope stickers and decals to choose from which can then be personalized with additional features. Create your antelope decal online today!

Antelope Car Stickers and Decals

Did you know that antelopes are related to cows? They certainly don’t look like cows but they are of the bovine family, similar to cows, goats and sheep. There are quite a few different kinds of antelopes and, in fact, there are over 90 different species of antelope living in Africa and Asia. But that’s not the only places you’ll find these beautiful creatures. They also live in the Middle East and North America.

One of the coolest things about antelopes is their horns. With the many different species of antelope there are unique and beautiful types of horns. With our antelope stickers and car decals we’ve tried to capture some of these interesting horn types with the many unique designs available. For instance, the Kudu antelope has horns that grow in spirals, making them not only beautiful but majestic.

For those of you who enjoy the majestic beauty of antelopes, we have a large selection of car decals and stickers that would be perfect for you. Our antelope sticker designs feature the many different types of antlers and species. Once you’ve found your favorite design, you can customize the sticker by choosing one of dozens of colors, selecting a size and then personalizing with text or even your own clip art.