I Love My Dog Stickers and Decals

Are you a true dog lover? Show your affection for your favorite four legged friend with our large selection of I Love My Dog stickers from Car Stickers!

I Love My Dog Car Stickers and Decals

There are many Americans that feel the love of their dog is often more real than even other humans and would do just about anything for their furry pal. In fact, Americans spend an average of $1,600 a year on their dogs in an industry that spends over $60 billion a year on food, supplies, toys, veterinary costs and more. We certainly love our dogs, commonly referred to as man’s best friend – and for good reason. Dogs are faithful and loyal and are always there to keep us company when we need it most.

While many Americans own dogs as a pet, there are some owners who feel a deeper connection to their dogs than the rest. If you’re a true dog lover and want to show your love of dogs then you’ve come to the right place. We have a large selection of dog lover stickers and car decals that are perfect for any vehicle or home.

Choose from dozens of cute, adorable styles and designs and then customize your dog lover’s sticker or decal before ordering online. You can also personalize your I Love My Dog stickers with a personal message or clip art. All dog lover stickers are made of high quality vinyl to resist outdoor weather conditions which ensure long term quality.