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Squid Car Stickers and Decals

Looking for fun and cool stickers of squids? Check out our large selection of squid stickers and car decals, all made with high quality vinyl material that lasts for years without falling off.

Squid Car Stickers and Decals

Some may find squids to be funny or even terrifying creatures but they can actually be quite interesting. Often confused with an octopus, squids are a different species of sea creature that can be found throughout the world’s oceans. The different species of squid can range in size dramatically but the ones that are often found to be seen in comics, horror movies and the like are the Colossal Squid whose eyeballs are as large as a standard basketball and can weigh over 1,400 pounds.

While some may be afraid of running into a giant squid, the majority of squid species are relatively small in size – the smallest kind of squid can be as small as one inch. But whether you find them to be scary, interesting or just cool looking, our squid stickers and decals are perfect for you.

Whether you need squid stickers for a school project or other educational use or are looking for a cool car decal that will make your ride stand out, then you’ve come to the right place. All of our squid stickers can be used both indoors and outdoors and will stand up to the toughest weather conditions. They can be applied to any smooth, clean surface.