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Grasshopper Car Stickers and Decals

Need grasshopper stickers for a school project or art decoration? Whatever you need them for, we have just the thing to fit your needs. Each sticker is fully customizable for any purpose needed.

Grasshopper Car Stickers & Decals

Ask any farmer and they’ll tell you how much they hate grasshoppers as they can be detrimental to the survival of their crops. For the rest of us, though, we may have a slightly different opinion of grasshoppers as many of us were introduced to them as characters in several animated movies and shows. Although occasionally they are featured as the villains in some movies, they have also been known to be the good guy or the trusted sidekick.

Grasshoppers as an insect are actually a great source of protein and are eaten around the world in many cultures. While they aren’t a popular source of food in the U.S. there are some health food stores and other niche sources that still sell products made with grasshoppers. For those of you looking for grasshopper stickers, though, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you need them for a school project, an art display, or decorations on a bedroom wall, you can find the perfect grasshopper stickers and decals here. Each of the designs is fully customizable to add your own text or clip art as well as the option to select a color and size. The stickers are made with high quality vinyl for long-lasting durability and can be used both indoors and outdoors.