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Lighthouse Stickers

Light up a path to your vehicle with our selection of lighthouse car window stickers and decals. There are over a dozen unique designs for you to pick from!

Lighthouse Car Stickers & Decals

Lighthouses have been used for thousands of years to help ships make it safely to port. They have been a beacon of hope for many sailors after a long voyage of rough sailing. The lighthouse would let them know that they finally made it home safely. Just in the United States there have been about 1,500 lighthouses constructed around the country with about 800 or so ever in use at the same time.

You don’t have to be a sailor to have a love of lighthouses though. Many people simply enjoy visiting different lighthouses around the country or find the different architecture to be fascinating. But whether you love lighthouses or want to add a decorative lighthouse sticker to a wall, we have all the best lighthouse car window stickers and decals here.

Each of our lighthouse car window stickers and decals are made with high quality vinyl material so they can be used both indoors and outdoors in any weather conditions. You also customize your favorite lighthouse design with a city name, a quote, or any other custom text that you choose. We have several color options available to choose from and you can also select a custom size to fit your needs.