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Carina's photograph of their Custom One-Color Transfer Sticker Template

Carina's review of Custom One-Color Transfer Sticker Template

Nov. 24, 2019

I was really excited about this sticker! I enjoyed the process of making my own design. It was a pretty easy process. The price was a bit high for just one sticker, but I wanted it, so I got it. I followed the instructions and left the clear part on for 24 hours. It froze over night. I thought I gave it enough time, but apparently not. Even after using a credit card again, several letters stuck to the clear part and some didn’t stick at all. I was really disappointed. All that is left is the earth in hands part. At least I have that I guess. I asked the same day if I could get a new sticker, but I’d pay for shipping again. They refused and only offered 25% off. I can’t imagine it costs this company THAT much in materials or time to print one sticker to help me out, but apparently it does since they refused.

Lasts up to 5 years
Free Lamination