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L'Nai's photograph of their Blank Magnet Template

L'Nai's review of Blank Magnet Template

Nov. 1, 2020

Owning my own business, I look for quality products when advertising. I have bought plenty of magnets in the past, and, recently, after a fly away on the highway of one of my old ones, I realized I needed magnets with a round corners to avoid it repeating since rounded corners are less likely to become bent. I looked at four or five different online stores, but all of them wanted nearly $100 for two magnets + shipping. The rounded corners seemed to have upped the price on most sites (though I rarely find any magnets under $25 in the size I need). So, color me surprised when I found not only offered the rounded magnets but also for under $50 total when shipping was added in! There was no doubt I was giving them a shot and I am so happy I did. The product is just as good as any other magnet I bought. Actually, it’s better. They did an amazing job printing the magnets. They are center and beautifully cut. The colors came out as expected. I’ve had issues with other companies in the past sending me oddly colored and slightly askew magnets (and I was paying them a LOT more). So, getting a relatively cheap product that came in such pristine condition is awesome. More so, the shipping was super-fast! I ordered them on the 14th and received them the 22nd. So, about a week from start to delivery, where as I usually wait 2 weeks with other companies. So, it’s safe to say I’ll be doing some of my future shopping with when it comes to my business needs! Thanks a bunch for the great product! I added a photo of it on my car (with some info censored out) of the magnets on my car door.

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