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Jeremy's photograph of their Die Cut Stickers

Jeremy's review of Die Cut Stickers

Feb. 17, 2021

Colors are a lot darker than I would like. The original artwork has much brighter colors than the actual stickers came out. Can't really do anything about that now. I assumed it would be like my artwork, so I didn't need a review of the sticker. You would think they would have reached out if the colors they printed didn't match my artwork file and confirmed before printing the other 999 of them but i guess it's my fault for not selecting to have a review. $350 not totally wasted, but not as happy as I should be for some vinyl and ink. Still giving 4* for the material and print quality and price! Would have been double the price through but their colors came in correct when I ordered from them. Not sure if this one of those you get what you pay for scenarios or if it was a simple mismatch between RGB/CMYK colors on their printer. Just ordered 3 more different stickers, will see how they turn out!

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