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Michael's photograph of their Transfer Stickers

Michael's review of Transfer Stickers

Sept. 2, 2021

Historically I've had really great luck with the company and the product. This round revealed a few glitches in their processes but overall still pleased with the product. I needed my decal in two tones but turns out matte isn't an option in a printed sticker which is how they make two/multi-tone stickers. So we tried to do the same file twice, once printed as two-tone and one as full matte. They came in different sizes so they weren't aligned. That said the lines were very crispt and perfect but I will likely try one more order now with two-tone and give up on the matte which is a real shame. Also, as a side note, their website offers 'local pickup' no matter where you are ordering from. There must be a way to be clear that this is ONLY for customers in Bend, OR instead of offering it to any order around the country.

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