Cynthia's photograph of their Custom Oval Stickers with Text

Cynthia's review of Custom Oval Stickers with Text

Oct. 3, 2022

I love this sticker. I'm 69 and have never had a sticker on any car I've owned. A new friend saw my cute, little Fiat convertible for the first time and thought I should name it. As I wracked my brain for a name, I thought of my first name - Cynthia - and the fact that my car is a convertible. As soon as I thought CC (Cynthia's Convertible), the song "CC Rider" by Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels came to mind. So CC Rider is what I named my car. At that point I thought "I'll bet there is an online maker of stickers and I can get a sticker made". I'm so thankful I found this website. The sticker is of high quality and the company has an easy tool on their website for us customers to make our own designs. As you can see, I kept mine simple. Oh, and the song is now on the flash drive I use to listen to music in my car.