3 Affordable Ways to Show Off Your Love of Music


Concert Audience If you could eat and breathe music, you probably would. You spend more weekends heading to live concerts than you do staying in at home. Music is important to you, but with so much of your extra cash spent on albums and concert tickets, you don’t have a lot left over to buy those outrageously priced band souvenirs sold at the concerts. Here’s how to show off your love of music for less at your next concert — or year-round.

Customize Your Vehicle

metallica-sticker You’ve probably seen more than one van with an amazing custom paint job showing off that fan’s love of a band. Most people can’t afford to spend thousands on such a paint job, though — or hundreds more on the increased insurance that comes with it. You can show off your love for music for much less with car stickers.

Get your favorite band's name as a sticker, and if it’s not already available, custom order it. Decorate the rest of your vehicle with images related to music, such as your favorite instruments. Take a photo of you and your friends at a concert or playing in a band and order a custom full-color sticker to affix on your vehicle — it’s more affordable than you think.

Paint Your Own Shirts

You don’t want to lay down $50 for an official band t-shirt — but you can make your own. You can’t use the copyrighted logo, but you can write out the band’s name and a message to your favorite member. If you stand close enough, maybe the band will even see it. Get crazy with your shirt to make it stand out — use tie dye, decals and fabric paint that’ll glow in the dark.

Carry a Sign

If the message on your t-shirt is too small to read from afar, take a page out of the sports fan’s playbook and write a custom message on a poster board. Even if you can’t bring it in with you to the concert hall, carry it around in the parking lot to get people to talk to you about the band. Include images and bright colors to encourage more people to take a look.

It’s hard to stand out in the crowd when the crowd is so big. According to TechCrunch, 70 percent of American adults attend at least one live music concert each year. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show off your passion.